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The Life and Ministry of Charles Wesley

A Family of his Own

Letter from Charles Wesley to [wife] Sally,[1763] June 9

Charles frequently address his wife as “my dearest Sally”. He does so in this letter from dated in 1763. Page 1 of 4.
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Marriage came later in life for Charles Wesley. He married at 41 years old on April 8, 1749 to Sarah (Sally) Gwyne, a woman who was his junior by nineteen years. The wedding was performed by his brother, John. He would describe Sally as being his “dearest friend” (Yriogen 2013, 13). Starting in 1756, Charles withdrew from much of his itinerant ministry to tend to his wife and children. Most of his ministry was spent in the places that he lived with his family, Bristol and London (Lloyd 2007, 40). He and Sally had three children who survived until adulthood, Charles Wesley Jr., Sarah (Sally Wesley), and Samuel Wesley.