About Atla Digital Library

What is the Atla Digital Library?

The Atla Digital Library brings together in a singular, searchable platform digitized collections from libraries, religious institutions, and other organizations worldwide who collect and preserve texts, records, maps, photographs, recordings, and other materials. The items found in the Atla Digital Library are of importance to those with an interest in researching, studying, teaching, and otherwise searching for historical and archival content in religion and theology.

The Atla Digital Library is designed to provide Atla members and other organizations with a standards compliant, sustainable, and inter-operable hub that will promote visibility and access to their valuable digital collections. Atla and Atla Digital Library Program participants are committed to the following principles:

  • open access to and free use and re-use of metadata
  • free online access to digital content to the extent possible given existing rights to the content
  • collaboration and collectively developing and maintaining best practices among program participants

For information on how to become a contributing institution see Participate!

Atla Digital Library Copyright Statement

Atla’s Digital Library serves to increase discoverability of and access to the online cultural resources of partner institutions. Items found within the Digital Library are intended to be used for noncommercial educational and research purposes. Partner institutions, as a condition of participating in the Digital Library, have sole responsibility to ensure that the items they contribute to the Digital Library are either free of any copyright or other restrictions that would prohibit their display or that they have secured necessary permissions from copyright holders to digitize and display the contributed items. Partner institutions will provide as complete as practicable information about items contributed, including those items’ copyright status, in the record of each item. Visitors to and users of the Digital Library have the responsibility to independently determine the copyright status or any other applicable legal restrictions of items presented here prior to using items in excess of exceptions under copyright or other law.

Atla and its participating institutions welcome feedback from any copyright owners who are not properly identified on this site so that the necessary corrections may be made. If you have any additional information about the items displayed here or would like to suggest a correction, please contact us . Be sure to include the title of the item, the contributing institution, and the URL.

Requesting Permission and Reproductions

For items not designated as out of copyright or in the public domain or otherwise indicated to be available for reuse (e.g. Creative Commons License), users must contact the copyright holder for permission if the proposed use of the item exceeds any exception under copyright or other applicable law. Permission cannot be granted by Atla or the partner institutions.

Requests for copies of any item presented in the Digital Library must be directed to the participating institution who contributed the item to the Digital Library. Atla does not host or otherwise possess original items or their digital reproductions and therefore cannot fulfill these requests.

Hosted Image Collections

The Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative (CDRI)

Migrated from its original home (since 2003) on the Atla website, CDRI was a project of Atla and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). CDRI is a repository of digital resources contributed by member libraries. The creation of CDRI was made possible by a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation .

The CDRI collection contains digital images of woodcuts, photographs, slides, papyri, coins, maps, postcards, manuscripts, lithographs, sermons, shape-note tune books, and various forms of Christian art, architecture, and iconography. It's coverage focus includes ancient Near East; missions; world religion; and more. We are thrilled to give this collection a new home with improved appearance, stability, and usability.