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Coat of Arms of Pope Julius II

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  • In these Arms of Pope Julius II, the papal tiara rests behind two crossed papal keys of office. A shield sits before these keys and contains an oak tree bearing acorns. The shield also displays tassels. This woodcut appears in the fourth edition (1583) to illustrate Foxe's printing of Pope Clement VII's bull of sentence against Henry VIII, who had tried to obtain from the papacy a divorce from his wife, Catharine of Aragon. Pope Julius II reigned from 1503-13. At the time of Henry's marriage to Catharine, English and Spanish authorities sought a dispensation from Julius that would allow the match, since Catharine had previously been married to Henry's older brother, Arthur. In the 1583 edition, these Arms replace "Coat of Arms of Pope Clement VII," which appears in this location in 1570. Neither woodcut appears in the first (1563) or third (1576) editions. Luborsky and Ingram 11225/1. JPEG file (843 KB).
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