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Rerum in Ecclesia Gestarum . . . Commentarii

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  • RERVM IN ECCLESIA GEstarum, quæ postremis & periculosis his temporibus euenerunt, maximarumq[ue]; per Europam persecutionum, ac Sanctorum Dei Martyrum, cæterarumq[ue]; rerum si quæ insignioris exempli sint, digesti per Regna & nationes Commentarii. PARS PRIMA In qua primum de rebus per Angliam & Scotiam gestis, atq[ue] in primis de horrenda, sub MARIA nuper Regina, persecutione, narratio continetur. Autore IOANNE FOXO Anglo. BASILEAE, PER NICOLAUM BRYLINGERUM, ET IOANnem Oporinum. [Commentary of matters happening in the church which follow in these latter and dangerous times and of great persecution through Europe and of the Holy Martyrs of God, and of certain matters, whatever might be of significant example, digested for the sake of the Queen and the Nation. Part one, in which first is contained a narration of matters happening throughout England and Scotland, and in particular of the horrible persecution under Mary, once Queen. By the author John Foxe Englishman. At Basle, through (i.e., imprinted by) Nicholaus Brylinger and Johannes Oporinus]. No Luborsky and Ingram #. JPEG file (1.2 MB).
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