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كتاب دلائل الخيرات وشوارق الأنوار في ذكر الصلاة على النبي المختار /الشيخ أبو عبد الله يسمى محمد بن سليمان. الكواكب الدرية في مدح أشراف البرية / الشيخ . . . أبو عبد الله يسمى محمد بن سعيد

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  • Manuscript codex.;Title of text 1 from text, leaf 7b; title of text 2 from colophon, leaf 214b ("ashraf" erroneously spelled "ashrāf").;Physical description: 7 lines per page, written in large maghribī script, on glazed, laid European paper. Fully vocalized in red, yellow, and green. Keywords in red or green. Text framed in double red lines. Catchwords; some marginal notes. Manuscript has been trimmed. Leaf 1b has pasted label, and leaves 2a, 3a-4a, 215b-220b contain prayers written by different hands. Arrow-shaped pieces of paper of varying colors pasted in the margins (apparently as bookmarks) of leaves 6a, 8a-b, 24a-b, 31a-b, 34a-34b, 65b, 77a-b, 101a-b, 108a-b, 110a-b, 121a-b, 133a-b, 145a-b, 186a-187b, 189a-190b, 214a-b. Leaves 1a, 2b, 4b-6a, 187b-189a, 215a, 222a-223b blank. Some insect damage and smudging; cover partially detached.;Decoration: Opening page of text (leaf 6b) has yellow border with statement of responsibility set within a box framed in green, red, and yellow; mandala of the same colors in margin. Chapter headings similarly styled (leaves 65a, 77a, 101b, 133a, 145a). Schematic diagrams of the shrines at Mecca and Medina in yellow, brown, red, and green on leaves 31b-32a.;Text 1 (leaves 6b-187a) is al-Jazūlī's well-known collection of prayers for the Prophet, including those associated with the pilgrimage to the Prophet's tomb in Medina. Text 2 (leaves 189b-214b) is al-Būṣīrī's Qaṣīdat al-Burdah, a well-known poem in praise of the Prophet Muḥammad.;Red leather Islamic binding with flap; gold-stamped central diamond consisting of four octofoils, with pendants and corner octofoils; tooled fillets.
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