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Images from the John Foxe"s Acts and Monuments (the "Book of Martyrs"), Ninth Edition (1684)

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  • "The Martyrdom of Six men burned at Brainford An. 1558 Iuly [July] 14." Robert Milles, Stephen Cotton, Robert Dynes, Stephen Wight, John Slade, and William Pikes stand fully clothed and chained to two stakes as they burn in the flames that surround them. Two men have their hands clasped in prayer while the other four either have their arms extended outward toward the crowd that surrounds them or raised above their head. A crowd of soldiers observes. Revised design of Luborsky and Ingram 5886/1 and 11223/75, which appear multiple times in the second (1570), third (1576), and fourth (1583) editions and the same image used to represent “The martyrdom of W. Waterer, Steph. Kemp, W. Haye, T. Hudson, W. Lowick, and W. Prowting.” JPEG file (529 KB).
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