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Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley suffer martyrdom at Oxford

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  • This full-page woodcut insert depicts the execution of Hugh Latimer, the former Bishop of Worcester, and Nicholas Ridley, the Edwardian Bishop of London. Richard Smith ("Smith.") preaches at a portable pulpit from I Corinthians 13:3 ("Si corp[us] meu[m] tradam igni caritate[m] aute[m] non habea[m] nihil vtilitatis &c." ["If I should surrender my body to the fire and have not charity, however, nothing of usefulness, etc"]). "Ridley" ("In man[us] tuas domine" [In your hand, O Lord]) and "Latimer" ("Father of heue[n] receue my soule" ["Father of heaven, receive my soul"]) stand back to back, chained against a stake, while workers prepare to light the pyre that will consume them. Latimer gestures toward a large crowd of civilians, who are restrained by soldiers, and Ridley motions toward the priest who stands before him and the richly dressed individuals who are seated beyond. One of these ("L. Willia[m]s." ["L[ord] Williams"]) reads from a scroll ("M. Ridley I wil remember your suite." ["M[aster] Ridley, I will remember your suit"]), while others, including Thomas Cranmer, the recently deprived Archbishop of Canterbury ("Cranmar.") ("O Lord strengthen them"), watch from above. The execution occurs outside Oxford. This woodcut appears in the first through fourth editions (1563, 1570, 1576, and 1583). Luborsky and Ingram 11222/38, 11223/81. JPEG file (2.57 MB).
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