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Images from the John Foxe"s Acts and Monuments (the "Book of Martyrs"), Ninth Edition (1684)

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  • "A most exact Table of the first ten Persecutions of the Primitiue [Primitive] Church vnder the Heathen Tyrants of Rome," followed in smaller type by: "continuing the space of allmost [almost] three hundred years after Christ from ye time of Tiberius unto Constantius Emperors of the said Empire with the sundry kinds of torments devised against the Christians and executed upon them.” This tipped-in insert illustrates thirty-four scenes of torture of early Christians under the Roman empire. Headings for the scenes with page number on which the scene is described include (from left to right) : "Christians brains beaten out with Maulls 49; Hanged by the middle 87; Tormented with trees 87; Their hands and feet cut off 37; Forced to thrust their hands in the fyre [fire] 85; Stoned to death 42; Torso on bull hornes 53; Hang’d by the neck and heels 87; Cast to swine to be devoured 109; Scraped with shells 87; Stab’d with forks 38; Thrust through with swords 87; Marturns and Sanctus burned with an iron chaire 52; Hanging by one hand and stretching out their joints 88; Their bones broken with batts [bats] 65; Searing of womens breasts 69; Some burnt with their entralls torne out 46; Christians left hamms Seared 89; Christians roasted pouring vinegar and salt on their members 86; Christians torne in pieces with wild horses 65; Christians burnt in furnace 42; Christians beaten with cudgels for not worshipping 105; St. Peter hang’d on the cross 38; Here they are flead [flayed] alive 38; Here their tongues are cut out 138; Christians most cruelly thrust through 50; Christians right eyes being burned out 92; Christians drag’d through the streets 109; Christians thrust under the nailes [nails] with sharp tacks 88; With an Engyne [engine] they are beheaded 88; Christians burned in their temple men, women and children 87; St. Lawrence ("This side is now roasted, turne me O tyrant great") laid on the gridiron 79; Christians driven up the mountain and thrown down on sharp tacks 45; Christians put in vessel to boil 39." The text at the bottom of the page details Foxe's interpretation of the Book of Revelations: "The 42 Monthes in the Revelation of St. John Expounded." This image is significantly redesigned and reduced in scope from the similar woodcut (Luborsky and Ingram 11223/1A) which appeared in the first (1570) and fourth (1583) early English editions. JPEG file (1.62 MB).
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