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Six martyrs burn at two stakes (a)

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  • Five out of these six burning martyrs fold their hands in prayer or raise them outward. This woodcut appears five times in the second edition (1570) to illustrate the burning of W. Coker, W. Hopper, Henr. Laurence, Rich. Colliar, R. Wright, and W. Stere (at Canterbury) (sig. LLLL1v, p. 1868); Christopher Lister, John Mace, Joh. Spencer, Simon Joyne, Rich. Nicols, and Joh. Hammond (at Colchester) (sig. GGGGg4v [left], p. 2090); W. Waterer, Steph. Kemp, W. Haye, T. Hudson, W. Lowick, and W. Prowting (at Canterbury) (sig. MMMMm6v, p. 2154); Henry Ponde, Raynold Eastland, Robert Southam, Matthew Ricarby, John Floyd, John Holiday, and Roger Holland (in Smithfield) (sig. TTTTt6r, p. 2237); and Rob. Milles, Ste. Cotton, Rob. Dynes, Ste. Wight, John Slade, and Will. Pikes (at Brainford) (sig. UUUUu2r, p. 2241). The image first appears in Henry Bull's edition of Certain most godly, fruitful, and comfortable letters of such true saints and holy martyrs as in the late bloody persecution gave their lives (London: John Day, 1564). Luborsky and Ingram 5886/1, 11223/75. JPEG file (3.86 MB).
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