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The Bishop Howard – Gregor Mendel Collection


The Thomas More University Bishop Howard - Gregor Mendel Collection contains documents located in the Diocese of Covington Archives as well as those that were preserved in Ottawa, Ontario, by Doctor Edward O. Dodson. The Collection contains forty-five copies of translations made from the actual 19th Century documents, referred to hereafter as the primary documents. These cover the span of Mendel's entire life from a copy of his 1822 baptismal certificate to notices of his death in 1884. There are copies of his academic records, letters of recommendation attesting to his moral character, spiritual development, and teaching skills, notices of his ordination to the priesthood and of his election as abbot, invitations to participate in biological/botanical societies and events, plus some of his correspondence as Abbot of St. Thomas Abbey, including controversies with the Austrian Government.

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