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Manuscript: Passio Domini


Netherlands (southern?), ca. 1500-1520. Miniatures (24) of the Passion of Christ throught the Last Judgment with prayers on facing pages. Very similar to the style of the Masters of the Suffrages et al. (mid-15th to early 16th centuries). Cf. The Golden Age of Painting (Braziller, 1990), especially plates XII, 107-108, pp. 261-262 and text, pp. 298-299 (H.H.). Artistic features: borders and pictures painted by different artists; soldiers in Spanish armor suggest negative portrayal of Roman soldiers (Netherlands recently free of Spanish rule); footprints of Jesus on mount of Ascension demonstrates corporeal, not spiritual, body; note gardener''s hat in presence of Mary Magdalen after the Resurrection; structure in background of the Last Judgment may be a courthouse (M.M.). Physical description: manuscript on fine vellum; 4 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in.; 31 leaves, including end pages (5 blank); text in gold and red ink; end pages and inside covers gold-leafed.

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