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Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries in American Baptist Churches Collection


The Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries in American Baptist Churches (HSRMABC), formerly known as the American Baptist Charismatic Fellowship, has served an important role as a cooperative force for spiritual renewal in American Baptist Churches, both in the United States and in other nations. In 2007, the organization changed its name to Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries. Its minisiterial focus expanded, American Baptists and non-American Baptists were enabled to find full inclusion in its movement.

The archival collection documents its origins, development, theology, participants, music, conferences, workshops, teaching ministry, and roles within the American Baptist Churches and within the broader charismatic, evangelical, and ecumenical movements. The collection was donated by Dr. Gary Clark (leader of the HSRMABC from 1981-2006) and Mrs. Dotty Clark.

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