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Atlanta-Rome District CME Church Collection


The Methodist Episcopal Church South was an outgrowth of Methodism, but some African-Americans that were converted to Christianity by slave masters desired to have and control their own church. This desire led these formerly enslaved people to form The Colored Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church. It was later renamed the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church in 1956. The Atlanta-Rome District consists of 34 churches in Atlanta and surrounding areas, all within Georgia the Sixth Episcopal District. The Collection includes programs from worship services, funerals, events and church anniversaries; church histories; minutes from national and district annual conferences; and photographs. The photographs in this collection depict members of the congregation and various church groups at events and at home. The one recording in this collection is an interview with L. W. Jay, who discusses his history with the Atlanta-Rome District, along with various events and people he has worked with.

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