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  • Gf06g742k?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Alexander, James Waddel
    Date: 1847
    Contributing Institution: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
    Description: The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, volume 19, issue 2, pages 224-236
  • Gb19fb897?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Morimoto, Anri
    Date: 2007
    Contributing Institution: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
    Description: The Princeton Seminary Bulletin, volume 28, issue 3, pages 292-308
  • Z029p987k?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Alexander, James Waddel
    Date: 1843
    Contributing Institution: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
    Description: The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, volume 15, issue 4, pages 587-604
  • X059cd42k?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Moore, Thomas V.
    Date: 1848
    Contributing Institution: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
    Description: The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, volume 20, issue 2, pages 186-206
  • 0v838541m?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Griffin, Edward H.
    Date: 1902
    Contributing Institution: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
    Description: The Presbyterian and Reformed Review, volume 13, issue 52, pages 505-523
  • Zp38wj43b?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Rawlinson, George
    Date: 1878
    Contributing Institution: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
    Description: The Princeton Review, volume 54, issue 6, pages 804-847
  • 6682x5525?file=thumbnail
    Contributing Institution: Vanderbilt University Divinity Library
    Description: Thirty volumes digitized from the collections of the Oriental Institute (2) and Vanderbilt Divinity Library (28), for the ETANA core texts web site. These volumes consist of: 26 volumes from the series "Cuneiform Texts from Babylonian Tablets (parts 3, 5-13, 18-33); the two volume set of Harvard Excavations at Samaria; and two related volumes of images from Ninevah - "Monuments of Ninevah" and "A second series of The Monuments of Ninevah"
  • Worship Video Project

    User Collection
    Contributing Institution: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Libraries
    Description: Bowld Music Library digitized Sunday morning services of five Baptist churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as the Isaiah 6 worship service held at the Seminary. The churches which participated in the project were Broadway Baptist Church, Cowboy Church of Ellis County, Southcliff Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Euless, and Union MIssionary Baptist Church. Several clips were selected from the Sunday morning services to illustrate various approaches to corporate worship. These clips include Congregational Participation, Offertory, Prayer, Preaching, Responsorial Music, Revelatory Music, and Scripture Reading. However, the entire sermon of each service has been converted to MP3 format. Interviews were made with the pastors/or worship ministers and Dr. Bruce H. Leafblad (planner of the Isaiah 6 model) to provide insights into the philosophy and theology behind the construction of their services. The following questions were asked of the pastors/ or worship ministers: 1. What is your name and official title here at the church? 2. What are your specific duties here at the church in context to the worship service? 3. Describe the demographics of your congregation. 4. What is the participatory level of worship here? Does the congregation readily participate in the various aspects of the worship service? 5. What would you say are the unique aspects of your typical worship services? What is your “worship style”? 6. Do you have a worship pattern, and if so, what is it? 7. Describe how you use the choir and/or praise team in worship. 8. What, overall, would you say is the philosophy of the worship services at this church? What are the purposes and goals? The following questions were asked of Dr. Bruce H. Leafblad: 1. What is your name and your official title here at the Seminary? 2. Why should Isaiah 6:1-11 be a model of worship? What are the purposes and goals? 3. Briefly describe the Isaiah 6 model of worship. 4. Your chapter in the book Experience God in Worship mentions that the Isaiah 6 model of worship is applicable to different worship styles. Can you elaborate on this? 5. Describe the role of the congregation in this model of worship. 6. Describe the role of the choir and/or praise team in this model of worship.
  • Shape-note tune books

    User Collection
    Contributing Institution: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Libraries
    Description: The Robert S. Douglass Treasure Room of Kathryn Sullivan Bowld Music Library, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary contains over eleven thousand titles of rare books, scores, hymnals, gospel songbooks, and shape-note tune books. The shape-note tune books of the collection illuminate various musical aspects of the American history of church and society, including the singing school movement and the music education movement. Presenting a rich source of American musical life, the seven selected tune books for the digitizing project include psalm and hymn tunes, fuging tunes, songs for Sunday schools, public schools, and homes, as well as music of the Lowell Mason school, children’s songs, folk hymns, anthems and music with secular texts.
  • 08612w23b?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Jackson, Sheldon, 1834-1909
    Date: 1892
    Contributing Institution: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
    Description: Travel Journal, Diary (Box 10, Folder 4) and Volume 3
  • Qb98mn837?file=thumbnail
    Contributing Institution: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
    Description: Photographs (Box 12, Folders 13-18, Image no. 375-415)
  • T722hg45m?file=thumbnail
    Contributing Institution: The Henri J.M. Nouwen Archives and Research Collection
    Description: A selection of photographs and outgoing letters from the personal archives of Henri Nouwen. Includes 200 photographs of Nouwen ranging in date from the early 1970s when he became a faculty member at the Yale Divinity School, to 1996 the year of his death. The images show Nouwen in a range of activities from teaching in university classrooms, attending social, family and political events, writing, preaching, and speaking at retreats, conferences and other events. The photographs trace his career from academic to pastor both in Latin America and the L'Arche Community in Richmond Hill, Canada. Also includes digital images of 41 letters written by Nouwen during the same time period. The items selected include letters to friends, fans, students, and those seeking advice and support. The letters show the scope of subjects and issues addressed by Nouwen in his voluminous correspondence (he received over 16 000 letters between 1969 and 1996), including his approach to ministry, teaching, writing, spiritual direction, the spiritual life, criticism and friendship. With the exception of one hand-written document (L38), the letters are typed.
  • 5t34sq816?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Yale University Map Collection and Smalley, Martha Lund, compiler
    Contributing Institution: Yale University Divinity School Library
    Description: Images of 300 historical maps and charts documenting the expansion of Christianity. Selected from historical atlases, histories of Christianity, and maps in the Yale University Map Collection, these maps and charts provide visual support for the teaching of church and mission history, and Biblical studies. The maps were published primarily in the 19th and early 20th centuries and illustrate the expansion of Christianity from the era of the early Church, through the height of the Western missionary movement, to the establishment of Christian churches throughout the world. The expansion of both Protestant and Catholic churches is documented. Geographical areas covered include Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America, and Oceania. Included among the sources from which materials were digitized is the 1922 work
  • Q524jt953?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Wesley, Charles, 1707-1788
    Contributing Institution: Southern Methodist University Bridwell Library
    Description: <p>This collection contains images of holographic letters from John Wesley, Charles Wesley, and other members of their immediate families to various individuals, and of memorabilia of Wesley and the Methodist movement, including portraits, prints, and ceramics.</p> <p>Nearly all the manuscript letters in this collection consist of a single sheet of paper. This sheet was typically folded to provide several pages for writing. When the letter was completed, it was refolded with a blank page outward, sealed with wax and addressed on the outside. (For a detailed description of how Wesley folded, sealed and addressed his letters, see: Wesley, John. Letters I: 1721-1739 / edited by Frank Baker. The Oxford Edition of the Works of John Wesley; v. 25. New York: Oxford University Press, 1980. p. 68-76) The condition of the manuscripts varies, but most are well preserved. Some are missing part of the original sheet, sometimes including the portion that contained the address. In a few, part of the text itself is missing.</p> <p>The manuscripts are digitized unfolded. The orientation of the greeting or salutation determines the top, and the side containing the greeting or salutation is treated as the recto of the item.</p>
  • 3b591g32w?file=thumbnail
    Contributing Institution: Southern Methodist University Bridwell Library and Ohio State University Libraries
    Description: John Bent, who stands bare-chested with hands raised as in prayer, stands chained to the stake while flames and smoke surround him. Bent is surrounded by a group of soldiers; one soldier, in the bottom left-hand corner of the image, stokes the fire beneath Bent's feet. Revised design of Luborsky and Ingram 11223/39, which appears in the second, third, and fourth early English editions (1570, 1576, 1583) to illustrate various martyrdoms, but in the third edition (1576) it is only used to represent the martyrdom of John Bent. JPEG file (464 KB).
  • H415ph781?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Wesley, Charles, 1707-1788 and Wesley, Sarah, 1759-1828
    Contributing Institution: Drew University Methodist Library
    Description: Images of manuscripts written by members of the Wesley family. The majority of these are letters, but also included are hymns and poems, a sermon by John Wesley, a petition, Thomas Coke’s ordination certificate, the will of Charles Wesley’s daughter Sarah, and some of the few surviving copies of minutes from the Irish conferences of 1778, 1784, and 1785. Wesley family members represented are John and Charles Wesley; their brother Samuel Jr. and their sisters Emelia, Martha, and Mary; Charles’s wife Sarah Gwynne, sons Charles Jr. and Samuel, and daughter Sarah; and Charles’ son Samuel’s estranged wife Charlotte and his son Samuel Sebastian (the famous composer). Many of these manuscripts are originals, but some are eighteenth- and nineteenth- century handwritten copies. Except for letters to Freeborn Garrettson copied by his wife Catherine, the identities of the copyists are unknown.
  • html.png
    Creator: Dennis, James S.
    Contributing Institution: Boston University Theology Library
    Description: The Students' Lectures on Missions at Princeton Theological Seminary, which form the basis of the book, were delivered by the James S. Dennis in the spring of 1896 on the subject, "The Sociological Aspects of Foreign Missions." The subject was suggested to him by the students themselves, especially by members of the Sociological Institute and of the Missionary Society of the Seminary, with the special request that it be chosen for consideration.
  • Vd66w578j?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Foxe, John, 1516-1587
    Contributing Institution: Southern Methodist University Bridwell Library and Ohio State University Libraries
    Description: Complete set of images (mostly engravings) from the ninth (1684) edition of John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments of Matters most Special and Memorable, Happening in the Church (“Book of Martyrs”), including the title page images of the three volume set, the “Kalender” of martyrdoms, the title page for an added section in volume 3: "A Continuation of the Histories of Forreign Martyrs," and the Table (index). Materials supplied from the collections of The Ohio State University Libraries and Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University. Inventory numbers supplied by Ruth Samson Luborsky and Elizabeth Morley Ingram, A Guide to English Illustrated Books, 1536-1603, 2 vols. (Tempe, AZ: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, 1998), are used to compare the images in this 1684 collection with the woodcuts in the early English editions (see ATLA’s CDRI collection “Woodcut Illustrations from the First Four English Editions of John Foxe’s Actes and Monuments”). Square brackets indicate expanded abbreviations or other supplied text. When modernized versions of literatum transcriptions are not given, the modern use of “u/v” and “i/j” is maintained.
  • Zp38wk275?file=thumbnail
    Creator: Sanctuary for Sacred Arts, Paula Hamilton, project coordinator and Richen, J. David, photographer, architect
    Contributing Institution: Multnomah Biblical College and Seminary and Sanctuary for Sacred Arts
    Description: Images of Church architecture and art showing reforms inspired by documents of the Second Vatican Council. Images of reforms include: placement of the altar, moved closer to, with priest facing, parishioners; placement of Baptismal font at the entrance of the church, and larger in size to accommodate immersion; Reconciliation rooms (replacing small confessionals); incorporation of sacred art and architectural glass created by local artists; new placement of the tabernacle and the ambo; removal of altar rails. Several images of floor plans are included to show resulting changes.