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  1. Oxyrhynchus Papyri Manuscript Collection

    Description: Images of seven papyrus documents from a large mass of papyrus and parchment fragments discovered in 1879-1905 at Oxyrhynchus (modern Behnesa), Egypt. These materials contain literary and non-literary ancient texts dating from the first to the ninth century C.E.
    Subject: Manuscripts, Greek. and Peter, 1st 6: 6-12
    Language: Greek
    Publisher: United Theological Seminary Library
  2. Baptistery paintings in Twentieth-Century Churches of Christ:

    Creator: Welch, Jack, photographer.
    Description: The digital images in this collection are taken from color 35 mm slides made by ACU English professor Jack Welch (1941-1996) in Churches of Christ, mostly in Texas. The slides are held in the Center for Restoration Studies, housed in the Callie Faye Milliken Special Collections at Brown Library, Abilene Christian University.
    Subject: Water--Religious aspects--Churches of Christ., Christian art and symbolism., Rivers., and Baptisteries--Texas
    Publisher: Abilene Christian University, Brown Library,
  3. Images from the John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments (the “Book of Ma tyrs”), Ninth Edition (1684)

    Creator: John Foxe, 1516-1587.
    Description: Complete set of images (mostly engravings) from the ninth (1684) edition of John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments of Matters most Special and Memorable, Happening in the Church (“Book of Martyrs”), including the title page images of the three volume set, the “Kalender” of martyrdoms, the title page for an added section in volume 3: "A Continuation of the Histories of Forreign Martyrs," and the Table (index). Materials supplied from the collections of The Ohio State University Libraries and Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University. Inventory numbers supplied by Ruth Samson Luborsky and Elizabeth Morley Ingram, A Guide to English Illustrated Books, 1536-1603, 2 vols. (Tempe, AZ: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, 1998), are used to compare the images in this 1684 collection with the woodcuts in the early English editions (see ATLA’s CDRI collection “Woodcut Illustrations from the First Four English Editions of John Foxe’s Actes and Monuments”). Square brackets indicate expanded abbreviations or other supplied text. When modernized versions of literatum transcriptions are not given, the modern use of “u/v” and “i/j” is maintained.
    Subject: Reformation—Europe—History., Foxe, John, 1516-1587. Actes and monuments., Printing—England—History—16th century., Church history—16th century., and Martyrdom—Christianity—England.
    Language: English.
    Publisher: The Ohio State University Libraries / Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University
  4. Selected Photographs of Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Sites

    Description: Photographs taken by members of the Candler School of Theology and Pitts Theology Library of locations in Israel, Jordan, Greece, and Turkey.
    Subject: Archaeology
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  5. Jerusalem : View 1

    Description: View of ruins from Jerusalem.
    Subject: Jerusalem and archaeology
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  6. Woodcuts and metal engravings from 16th-19th century publications

    Description: These images include illustrations of the biblical text, church architecture, and portraits of religious leaders digitzed from the rare book collection of the Pitts Theology Library.
    Subject: Engraving and Woodcut
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  7. Baptistery paintings in Twentieth-Century Churches of Christ:

    Creator: Perry, Blanche, painter.
    Description: The digital images in this collection are taken from watercolor sketches, hand-tinted black-and-white photographs, and black and white photographs of her paintings made by Blanche Garrett Perry, who was active in painting baptisteries for Churches of Christ from 1937 to about 1955. She usually prepared the paintings on large canvases in her Denver, CO, studio, where many of these photographs were made. She donated them to Churches of Christ nationwide and in a few cases abroad. Perry wrote detailed allegorical explanations of the meaning of her images. The Blanche Perry Collection of images and papers is held in the Center for Restoration Studies, housed in the Callie Faye Milliken Special Collections at Brown Library, Abilene Christian University.
    Subject: Christian art and symbolism., Rivers., Water--Religious aspects--Churches of Christ, Painting, American--20th Century., Baptisteries., and Mountains.
    Publisher: Abilene Christian University, Brown Library,
  8. Images of mainline Protestant children and families in the U.S.

    Creator: Keck, Andrew, compiler. and Hall, Amy Laura, compiler.
    Description: On the first page of "Growing Up Protestant: Parents, Children, and Mainline Churches," Margaret Lamberts Bendroth sums up the problem of studying mainline Protestant culture in this way: "They are hardly an exotic group . . . Mainline Protestants are, in many ways, the neutral backing to the ethnic crazy quilt of American diversity, the mythical standard by which everyone else becomes an 'other.'" This database considers the backing of the crazy quilt by attention to images of mainline Protestant children and families in the U.S.,from denominational and non-denominational magazines dating from the 1920s to the 1970s. Images related to articles as well as advertisements were selected to consider the configurations of "responsible," "wholesome," and "productive" families. The images include depictions of family size and health, article-related images and advertisements on scientific nutrition, and other images related to scientific progress and proper domesticity. The researchers have also sought to consider ways that families who variously do not fit the norms are depicted within the magazines. These images will likely be relevant to studies in North American religious history, cultural history, and bioethics.
    Subject: Homemaking., Religious education., Family., Children., Mission., and Child rearing.
    Publisher: Duke University, Divinity School Library,
  9. Missionary Postcards

    Description: Images of more than 350 postcards documenting missionary work, primarily in Africa, with a few from Asia and Oceania. These postcards were produced by mission sending agencies and distributed throughout Europe and America with the intent of promoting support for the missions' work and providing information about non-Western peoples and customs. The postcards date primarily from the 1910s-1920s and provide an interesting glimpse into the Christian missionary enterprise and its impact on non-Western societies.
    Subject: Missions--Africa., Missions--India., Postcards., Catholic Church--Missions., and Missions.
    Publisher: Yale University Divinity School Library
  10. Letters and Manuscripts of the Wesley Family From the Collections of Drew University

    Creator: Wesley, Sarah, 1759-1828. and Wesley, Charles, 1707-1788.
    Description: Digital images of manuscripts written by members of the Wesley family. The majority of these are letters, but also included are hymns and poems, a sermon by John Wesley, a petition, Thomas Coke’s ordination certificate, the will of Charles Wesley’s daughter Sarah, and some of the few surviving copies of minutes from the Irish conferences of 1778, 1784, and 1785. Wesley family members represented are John and Charles Wesley; their brother Samuel Jr. and their sisters Emelia, Martha, and Mary; Charles’s wife Sarah Gwynne, sons Charles Jr. and Samuel, and daughter Sarah; and Charles’ son Samuel’s estranged wife Charlotte and his son Samuel Sebastian (the famous composer). Many of these manuscripts are originals, but some are eighteenth- and nineteenth- century handwritten copies. Except for letters to Freeborn Garrettson copied by his wife Catherine, the identities of the copyists are unknown.
    Subject: Wesley, Samuel Sebastian, 1817-1897., English letters., Methodism--History., Wesley, Charlotte, 1761-1845., Wesley, Samuel, 1766-1837., and Wesley, Sarah Gwynne, 1726-1822.
    Language: English.
    Publisher: Drew University Methodist Library,