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  1. King Teaches the People

    Description: With the fire on the altar and a sheep on the ground before it, King Solomon with crown and scepter teaches the assembled people, who assume the posture of prayer with clasped hands.
    Subject: Prayer, Solomon , Crown, Fire, King, and Altar
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  2. The Crucifixion

    Description: Mary kneels in prayer before the crucified Jesus
    Subject: Prayer, Crucifixion, Music, Flute, Mary, and Jesus
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  3. Solomon Prays

    Description: Solomon kneels before the menora/candelabra in prayer, with his crown on his head but his scepter on the floor.
    Subject: Prayer, Solomon , Menorah, Crown, and Scepter
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  4. Daniel in the Lion's Den

    Description: Daniel stands in prayer in the lions' den, flanked by two lions, as an angel flies overhead holding another (bearded) human figure with a jar in hand
    Subject: Prayer, Daniel, Angels, and Lions
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  5. Mihrab

    Creator: Jane I. Smith
    Description: The indication of prayer direction in a mosque
    Subject: Prayer, Islam, and Mihrab
    Publisher: Hartford Seminary Library
  6. Small “mini-mosque” prayer direction.

    Creator: Jane I. Smith
    Description: These are recent additions to older buildings in Cairo showing people the direction to pray.
    Subject: Prayer, Islam, and Mosque
    Publisher: Hartford Seminary Library