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  1. Printer's Device of Andreas Cratander

    Description: The printer's device for Andreas Cratander (d. 1540) shows Occasio, the goddess of chance, against an Alpine landscape, standing on an orb and with a razor lifted high. By monogrammist H.F. (= Hans Franck [d.1522]?)
    Subject: Goddess, Orb, Mountain, Printer Device , and Occasio, Andreas Cratander
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  2. The Trinity

    Description: The Electoral coat of arms of Saxony appears at the base of this representation of the Christian Trinity
    Subject: Electoral Coat of Arms of Saxony, Orb, God , Jesus, Holy Spirit , and Crown
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  3. Historiated Title-Page Border

    Description: This ornate title-page border adorns a Lutheran hymnal and illustrates the technique of using four separate panels for the composition. In his rhurry, the printer placed the bottom panel upside-down and omitted an 'x' in the date of publication (1514 instead of 1524)
    Subject: Dolphins, God, Orb, and Blessing
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  4. Jesus as a Child

    Description: Holding an orb, the young Jesus offers the sign of blessing
    Subject: Child , Jesus , Orb, and Blessing
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  5. God and Creation

    Description: The Creator God stands above the orb of creation with its sun, moon, stars, land, and seas and makes the sign of blessing.
    Subject: Sun, Creation, Moon, God, Orb, and Stars
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  6. Ezekiel's Vision of God, Four Beasts, & a Wheel Within a Wheel

    Description: God is seated on his throne with scepter and orb in hand and a crown on his head; to one side are the four winged beasts (with the face of a human, lion, eagle, and ox), and to the other is the wheel within a wheel.
    Subject: Scepter, Throne, Beasts, God , Orb, and Crown
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  7. Architectural Column

    Description: This image of a column is related to 1 Kings
    Subject: 1 Kings, Orb, and Columns
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  8. Creation

    Description: The Creator God, making a sign of blessing with his right hand and his robes flowing, stands before the orb of creation with its sun, moon, stars, and terrain visible.
    Subject: Creation, Robes, God, Orb, and Blessing
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  9. Evangelization

    Description: With orb in hand God looks down from heaven on a road leading to a city in the distance, with travelers speaking to one another in pairs about the Gospel and one traveler sitting by the side of the road to drink from his flask.
    Subject: Heaven, God, Orb, and City
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  10. Historiated Title-page Border

    Description: This intricate title-page border has God at the head, making the sign of blessing, and features two portraits, as well as the Electoral arms of Saxony (right) and the Easter lamb (left). The initials of the printer 'A R' (Andreas Rauscher) are set on both side panels
    Subject: Historiated Title-Page Border, God, Orb, Luther, Martin, Easter, and Cross
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,