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  1. The Temptation of Jesus

    Description: Jesus is tempted by Satan in the wilderness
    Subject: Temptation, Beasts, Satan, Jesus , Christ, and Wilderness
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  2. Ezekiel's Vision of God, Four Beasts, & a Wheel Within a Wheel

    Description: God is seated on his throne with scepter and orb in hand and a crown on his head; to one side are the four winged beasts (with the face of a human, lion, eagle, and ox), and to the other is the wheel within a wheel.
    Subject: Scepter, Throne, Beasts, God , Orb, and Crown
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  3. Historiated Title-page Border

    Description: Historiated Title-page Border
    Subject: Beasts and Sea creatures
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,
  4. The Lamb and the 144,000

    Description: The lamb is shown with a banner in the sky, surrounded by angels playing on harps, and four beasts with wings: lion, human figure, eagle, and ox. A book is opened and the cities of the earth are being destroyed.
    Subject: Beasts, Music, Lamb, City, Angels, and Book
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library,