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  1. Chorazin Synagogue : View 1

    Description: Ruins of the synagogue at Chorazin (3rd/4th century C.E.).
    Subject: Chorazin, archaeology, and synagogue
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  2. Selected Photographs of Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Sites

    Description: Photographs taken by members of the Candler School of Theology and Pitts Theology Library of locations in Israel, Jordan, Greece, and Turkey.
    Subject: Archaeology
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  3. Jerusalem : View 1

    Description: View of ruins from Jerusalem.
    Subject: Jerusalem and archaeology
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  4. Woodcuts and metal engravings from 16th-19th century publications

    Description: These images include illustrations of the biblical text, church architecture, and portraits of religious leaders digitzed from the rare book collection of the Pitts Theology Library.
    Subject: Engraving and Woodcut
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  5. Chariot of Fire

    Description: Elisha receives Elijah's mantle upon seeing him taken to heaven in a chariot of fire
    Subject: prophet, Elijah, city, and Elisha
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  6. Burning Bush

    Description: God appears to Moses in the burning bush
    Subject: God, bush, Moses, and trinity
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  7. Defeat of the Ammonites

    Description: David and his army defeat the Ammonites in battle
    Subject: battle
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  8. Seventh Seal

    Description: Upon the opening of the seventh seal, the angels are given seven trumpets and a golden censor is poured our upon the earth causing great earthquakes and much destruction
    Subject: angel, Apocalypse, seal, Revelation, trumpet, and God
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  9. One Like a Son of Man

    Description: John's vision of the one like a Son of Man among the lampstands
    Subject: Apocalypse, Revelation, Jesus, and man
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library
  10. Initial Letter M

    Description: The apostle Paul with his attribute, the sword
    Subject: Paul, apostle, and letter
    Publisher: Pitts Theology Library